valentine's day

Dziś Walentynki 💗 🙂
Jest wiele piosenek o miłości, które mimo że nie zostały napisane z myślą o Jezusie, to jednak dobrze pasują do opisu relacji między Bogiem a nami. Czasami cały tekst, czasami 80%… Kultowa piosenka Bryana Adamsa to jest nasza propozycja – w 80% rewelacja! 🙂 A jakie są Wasze muzyczne propozycje na dziś?


Spójrz w moje oczy, a zobaczysz
Ile dla mnie znaczysz (OBRAZwŁAGIEWNIKACH) (!)
Przeszukaj swoje serce, przeszukaj swoją duszę
A kiedy mnie tam znajdziesz,
Już więcej nie będziesz szukać (FAUSTYNA: Nie szukam szczęścia poza własnym wnętrzem, w którym mieszka Bóg!”) (!!)

Nie mów mi, że to nie jest warte tego, by spróbować
Nie możesz mi powiedzieć, że to nie jest warte tego,
by za to umrzeć
Wiesz, że to prawda,
Że wszystko co robię, robię to dla ciebie

Spójrz w swoje serce, a przekonasz się,
Że nie ma tam niczego co należy ukrywać
Weź mnie takiego jakim jestem, weź moje życie
Ja oddałbym je całe, złożyłbym w ofierze (!!)

Nie mów mi, że nie warto o to walczyć
Nic na to nie poradzę, że nie ma niczego innego,
czego pragnąłbym bardziej
Wiesz, że to prawda
Wszystko co robię, robię to dla ciebie

Nie ma takiej miłości jak twoja miłość
I żadna inna nie mogłaby ofiarować więcej miłości
Nie ma żadnego innego miejsca, chyba że ty tam jesteś
Przez cały czas, przez całe życie

Wejrzyj głęboko w swoje serce, kochanie

Nie możesz mi powiedzieć,
że to nie jest warte tego, by spróbować
Nic na to nie poradzę, że nie ma niczego innego,
czego pragnąłbym bardziej
Walczyłbym o ciebie, skłamałbym dla ciebie
Dla ciebie przeszedłbym po linie, taak,
oddałbym życie za ciebie (!!)

Wiesz że to prawda
Wszystko co robię, robię to dla ciebie.

For the lonesome

fot.Flavio Spugna/flickr.com
fot.Flavio Spugna/flickr.com


“Good evening,” said the little prince courteously.

“Good evening,” said the snake.

“What planet is this upon which I have descended?” asked the little prince.

“This is Earth; this is Africa,” the snake answered.

“Ah! Then there are no people on Earth?”

“This is the desert. There are no people in the desert,” said the snake.

“Where are men?” The little prince at last resumed the conversation. “It is a little lonely in the desert…”

“It is also lonely among men,” the snake said.

         Was the snake right? Can you feel lonely among people? What if the little prince came down to our planet today? Could he feel lonely among billions of people? We could get a cellular phone for him so that he can call and text people. We could register him on Skype and definitely get him a Facebook profile. Obviously, we would need to give a smartphone or a laptop to the little stranger, and show him how they work. And do you know what? I think that for a long time he would pretend that he doesn’t understand anything, as long as we stay and talk to him as much as possible, and do not leave him alone at the computer screen.

Was the snake right? Can you feel lonely among people? Maybe you, too, have several dozen contacts in your phone and hundreds of friends on your Facebook profile, but when evening comes, everything gets quiet and you are finally alone, don’t you feel strangely lonesome?

Since there are over 7 billion of us on this earth, nobody can say that he is alone. But what about those thousands of lonely people (in our technologically advanced world) who try to soothe their loneliness through drugs, sex, work, sports and many other activities, which never remove their interior discomfort anyway?

So the snake was right… You can feel lonely among people. To escape from loneliness, a person needs another person, but the truth is that loneliness will not disappear until, next to our contact with others, we start a relationship with Jesus.

What would St Faustina say about it? Did she ever feel lonely?

In her Diary, she wrote: “Although the earth is so filled with people, I feel all alone, and the earth is a terrible desert to me…” Diary 918. “Today, I feel such desolation in my soul that I do not know how to explain it even to myself. I would like to hide from people and cry endlessly. No one understands a heart, wounded by love, and when such a heart feels itself abandoned interiorly, no one can comfort it.” Diary 943

Faustina, just like any other person, sometimes felt a painful loneliness, but it did not lead her to breakdown, depression or despair. She knew where to look for help and even when she felt lonesome, she knew that she was not really alone! She discovered that the loneliness in her life was a space for the meeting. She was aware that life has its hard moments, times of not being understood by others, but she was not afraid of these moments because in her own heart she discovered a continuous presence of the One, who is love and mercy itself.

“I know God is in my heart. (…)  With Him I go to work, with Him I go for recreation, with Him I suffer, with Him I rejoice; I live in Him and He in me. I am never alone, because He is my constant companion…” Diary 318

So maybe the loneliness is not so scary at all? When evening comes, everything gets quiet, and you are by yourself and you feel lonesome… Do not run away from this feeling, do not get hold of the phone, don’t turn on your laptop. Remember Faustina – the patroness of the lonesome. And maybe your loneliness is the invitation for … the meeting?


s. M. Emanuela OLM

St. Faustina on the tram?


Sunday. A sunny, lazy afternoon. I’m waiting at the tram stop. Last week’s tormenting thoughts are crazily running through my mind, and I’m thinking of all that’s going to happen next week. An incident brings these annoying thoughts to an abrupt end. Suddenly a group of people come to the tram stop out of nowhere: 12 persons, including 3 nuns, and each of them holding some thick book in their hands. Some of them are reading, flicking through the book, others are talking. Did a new bestseller just come out? Puzzling! What’s going on? Finally, one of them comes up to look at the tram schedule. I can see a picture of a nun on the book cover, but I can’t read the title!My tram—“No. 8”—is here. The group of readers follows me onto it. I validate my ticket. When I turn around to look at them, everybody is sitting down and reading. They are holding the books in such a way that I can at last see the title:

My tram—“No. 8”—is here. The group of readers follows me onto it. I validate my ticket. When I turn around to look at them, everybody is sitting down and reading. They are holding the books in such a way that I can at last see the title: “The Diary of Saint Sister Faustina”.

Seriously? On the tram? Why do they feel like reading sacred books in such a public place?  Or does this seem strange only to me? I glance at the other passengers. Their eyes are restless, everybody is looking in a different direction. Somewhere down the tram, I hear loud, annoying music. It looks like I’m the only one who noticed the group of people with their books. At the next stop, a few people who get on the tram look at the covers with Merciful Jesus or Saint Faustina—but without being surprised!

I really don’t know what to make of it? What’s up with them? Why are they reading it with such intensity? Do they think they are better than other people? I am looking at their bright faces, and I can see something in common. Some kind of warmth… a kind of happiness, a smile and sincere concentration on the book. I have no clue what this diary is about, but it looks like they’re hooked on it.

All of a sudden, I can hear a couple of German tourists at my side. It looks like I’m not the only one who noticed that this tram has become a public reading room! The Germans have discovered that everybody’s reading the same book, and has a happy face!

At each tram stop, the passengers secretly look at the cover of the book, reading it over a shoulder. The readers of the diary are giving out some tiny cards.

I’m approaching my stop. It’s time to get off. When I reach out to the door, one of the guys stops me and gives me the tiny card. I look questionably “What is this?” but I don’t have time to hear out the answer. The door opens and I have to get off.

I’m walking down the road but I can still see their smiling faces, calm as if they don’t have any worries in life. Where is this peace coming from? Don’t they have families, jobs, aren’t they fed up with anything? Maybe this was some kind of a prayer or a religious group… but a civil one? I must admit that even though they don’t look like it, they are very strong and brave. These days, it doesn’t happen that people make the sign of the cross when passing a church or before eating in a restaurant. Does anybody still say “God bless” when going past the clergy? And they read “The Diary of Saint Faustina” without any shame, on public transport.

The only thing I’m still wondering about is why? Are they insane? They really ask for sarcastic comments, maybe even mockery, outrage, criticism. Did they want to shock people? Maybe there was a hidden camera and they were checking out people’s reaction? No, this makes no sense…

My thoughts about meeting this group of readers are trying to get rid of my worries, of a feeling of not being understood by others, of all devastating and annoying thoughts relating to my friends and work. All these small and big disappointments, resentments, wounds, which probably most of us have in our hearts… and suddenly I remember the card, still crushed in my hand.

„Tell me about everything, be sincere in dealing with Me, reveal all the wounds of your heart. I will heal them, and your suffering will become a source of your sanctification.”

                                                                                              Jesus (Diary 1487)

Gosh! Why this quote exactly? As if somebody was digging into my mind. I am looking around to see if maybe it’s like in the movies and my thoughts are being heard over the speakers. Breathe in, breathe out…. Relax… I’m calm. Nobody knows what’s going on in my heart. Just me and JESUS.

OK, but going back to what’s still happening on tram No. 8. For whom do they do it? And suddenly I hear these words in my ears: For Jesus, „for the sake of His sorrowful Passion.”

Oh… right…