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      In a village there lived a girl. She was poor, not very beautiful but she had a good heart. She dreamt of meeting the love of her life, of living in a palace, of helping the poor and of having no problems or worries. One day a prince on a white horse was going through the village, they fell in love at first sight …. and lived happily ever after.

            That’s just a fairy tale… However, when somebody asks you about happiness, don’t you have such an image in your head? Sometimes it seems to us that happiness means no problems in our family, a handsome boyfriend, a good husband, healthy children, a well-paid job, holidays in the Canary Islands, good health, zero sufferings, zero worries. If this what happiness is, who among us can say that he is happy?

            Among us, however, there are happy people! Saint Faustina was one of them. It cannot be otherwise since even her name means “happy”. What was her life like?  She came from a poor, rural family. When she grew up, she left everything and entered a convent, misunderstood by those closest to her. She had neither husband nor children. She owned nothing.  She didn’t go to the Canary Islands. She suffered from tuberculosis. She endured many interior and spiritual sufferings. Where is happiness here? Actually, Faustina discovered the mystery of happiness! She found the key to the door of happiness.

            “I do not look for happiness outside the depths of my soul in which  God dwells (…) I have discovered a fountain of happiness in my soul, and it is God.”  (Diary 887)

            Everything depends on where we look for happiness. If we search for it only in exterior things, in things that we encounter or experience, we may spend our whole life searching and never be completely happy.  Think about this:  when you know that you are loved, when somebody supports you, when somebody you can always count on is close, isn’t it easier for you to accept even the difficult events in your life?

            Well, I have good news for you: there is SOMEONE who loves and supports you, SOMEONE you can count on. And this SOMEONE is always near you! If you discover that Jesus is present in your ordinary daily life—you will discover the secret of Faustina’s happiness. She lived her daily life with Jesus and she was happy! She said that she went everywhere with Jesus, to her duties, to rest or to chapel! This is the secret of happiness – to find the present God in my everyday life. Then, even if life is hard, even if we suffer, we can be happy because Jesus is with us! Think about it when you sit at the table in the kitchen and drink your tea – Jesus sits beside you! When you get up in the morning to go jogging, Jesus goes with you! When you shut the door in your room so that nobody would see your tears, Jesus is next you, wiping your tears away . When you discover this, you will be happy just like Faustina – the patron of those who are searching for happiness.

sr.M. Emanuela Gemza, OLM

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