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fot.Lia Ballentine/

          She – a woman full of enthusiasm, who knows what she wants, who says what she really thinks, yet a very delicate and sensitive soul. He – a man having his own opinions, responsible, strong but at the same time caring and tender. They met one day and that was the beginning….                                                                                                                                               Have you ever been in love? So was I. It’s a beautiful time. You constantly think about the person you love, you always have him or her before your eyes. You can spend long hours with your beloved and you are never bored. At the moment you say goodbye, you start yearning for the next meeting. The whole world looks different then, and you never stop smiling. You can find  thousands of reasons for meeting him or her even just for a moment. You have many ideas about how to please your beloved. You just enjoy life.

            She met HIM when she was a small girl. They made friends, and since that time they spent a lot of time together. When she grew up she knew  HE loves her and HE wants to be with her for all her life. But her parents didn’t approve of HIM, so she tried to forget. Once, when she was dancing at a party, she suddenly saw HIM standing nearby. HE was very sad….. She ran out and her heart brimmed with sadness and dilemma. What next? What am I to do now? She didn’t mind what the others may think, what parents may say. The next day she packed her things, left home and … entered a convent. Did she run away from her love or perhaps she found her love?

            She – Saint Faustina. HE – Merciful Jesus.

All this really happened!

( If you don’t believe, read  “Diary” nos 7 -10)

            Faustina – the Saint in love. The woman who found love in her life.

A nun in love, living in a convent. Isn’t it a mistake? Chores in the kitchen, garden, bakery or at the gate – where’s  romaticism in them? It looks like a scene from “Cindarella”, but before she met her prince. However, Faustina was deeply in love, and happy. How was it possible?

“I look for no happiness beyond my own interior where God dwells. I rejoice that God dwells within me; here I abide with him unendingly.” (Diary 454)

            Saint Faustine lived in silence, far from the world, did her duties, and in her simple life she discovered that inside her heart there is JESUS. And it was HE who was her Love.

“With one glance, I penetrated the whole world, and I found no other love like the love of my heart. Therefore I looked into the world of eternity – because this one is too small for me. My heart has desired the love of the Immortal One.” (Diary 1632)

            Have you ever been in love? Saint Faustina was!  Every single moment of the day she thought about Jesus. She always had HIM before her eyes (yes, even when she was peeling potatoes, she knew HE “was peeling them” together with her!) She could spend long hours praying – talking to Jesus, and she was never bored. The world looked different for Faustina because she knew she was never alone. And, as everyone who is in love, she could find thousands of reasons for meeting and talking to Jesus even for a while. When she was free she used to drop in at the Chapel just to smile at HIM. She had many ideas how to please HIM. She enjoyed life.

Everything around her – flowers, birds or the sun – told her about God’s Mercy, HIS love to her  and all the people. She felt happy because she felt she was dearly loved!  And, as everyone who loves, she couldn’t keep it secret – she wanted to tell all people about this great love! She wanted every man to experience this Love which cuddles to heart, forgives, accepts, gives the power to live and enjoy life! So she wrote a diary – the story of the extraordinary love. If you want to learn more about it read “Diary”. This book is known all over the world. People read it on all continents. Why? Because everyone wants to love and be loved – like Faustina – the patron of those who are in love.

 sr. M. Emanuela Gemza OLM

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